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Design/Build: RJ+design

Control of a construction project comes together with an owner and a professional construction team working in concert.

Design-build services eliminate unnecessary complications by consolidating all of the work under one team, one contract and one point-of-contact. There are discernable advantages when utilizing the design-build method of project delivery, both for owner and builder:

  • Cost savings. Condensing both responsibilities under one team improves efficiency while allowing the owner to focus on important decisions.

  • Time savings. Certain steps under the traditional approach, such as bidding periods and design changes, are eliminated with the design-build approach because one team shares all responsibilities.

  • plus design Daycare EntrySingle point-of-contact. One team is responsible for all costs, scheduling and project quality. Owners will have an easier time communicating with project managers and won’t need to waste time finding out which party is responsible for different aspects of the build.

  • Improved risk management. The design-build team assumes all risk as a single entity instead of sharing the risk between two groups of people.

  • Improved construction quality. Builders are easily able to focus on meeting performance needs when working side-by-side with designers, often leading to new project innovations and a more effective build.

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